Monday 25 November 2013

Free DVD terrain tutorial on Miniwargaming, created by the Dreamspirit Wargaming Studio!

Hey all! I'm proud to announce that we just released our first DVD through Miniwargaming and at the moment you can grab free copies for yourself HERE! The DVD features a lot of great techniques on how to model, detail and paint Emperor's Chatedral terrain board and in the DVD it's also included tutorial for making awesome looking water effects as well as how to build Necron Tomb World surface board, so if you are into terrain making, grab one for FREE while you can!

Also, to celebrate this release, we decided to make a big SALE on all our items on our website! You get 10% off of everything listed, and if you are a Miniwargaming Vault member, you'll get 15% discount! The sale lasts until 21st of December 2014.

Thanks and see you soon!


Monday 30 September 2013

Free 10 Painting Power Armour DVD Collection (limited quantities)

Miniwargaming is having another great giveaway to celebrate their 6th anniversary and 100k subscribers on Youtube. Definitely the biggest channel in the world regarding miniature wargaming, and they surely deserve it. Thanks guys and keep it up!

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Wargame Chat: How to become a Servo Skull

Perhaps some of you experienced moments like this in your wargaming career ;) Enjoy :P

Friday 22 March 2013

Vampires Display Board - Bloody Tales Of Ice

Good morning fellow wargamers!

Here's little something from our studio, a Vampire Counts display board, one of the largest we built so far! Lovely sculpts of Vampire statues made by our sculptor, Andrija, really makes this one special. Check out the full gallery HERE

Enjoy ;)

Thursday 21 March 2013

Chaos Dwarf Army Display Board - Gates of Zharr

Ready for another update? Great!

Here is another display board recently made for on of our regular clients, this time we made him a Chaos Dwarf display board, and we named it Gates Of Zharr. I'll post here just couple of shots, and the full gallery of this fantastic display can be found HERE. Enjoy!

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Wargame Chat: Is Wargaming An Addiction?

Hey guys! Here's one discussion regarding wargaming, and should we consider it as a form of addiction. Feel free to leave a comment of what you think it is!

Lions Of War High Elves Display Board

Hey all, hope you are doing well :)

We got a lot into making display boards for various gaming systems and clients worldwide, so in the next couple of posts I'll talk more on this and show you some various cool displays that we created in the past year. Feel free to comment and share them with your friends and if you are in need for something as awesome as this, here's where you can find me: CONTACT