Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Steampunk Factory @ 65 US $

Here in the Dreamspirit Wargaming Studio we got crazy over Warmachine and Hordes, so I decided that it is about time to make something new and different. I used magnets for the crane and the cannon, and these two elements you can also use as separate objective markers, and have a lot of fun with this terrain piece. I enjoyed very much in making it and I am certain that one who buys it will also have a lot of fun playing on it. Cheers!

Another Fantasy Forest @ 56.95 US $

Hello everyone, it seems that I got a thing for the forests haha, I really enjoy in making them these days and here is another one: for this one I used magnets and it's just teeming with details.I thought  a lot about how to make a forest that can be used for every type of forests in terrain chart for the 8th edition, and here is what I came up with.  Picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a lot of pictures, enjoy.

 Some Forest Spirits for your dangerous terrain checks...

And a snake to make it even worse...

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Bretonnia VS High Elves

So you need a solution for a Death Star? Take a look at this battle and enjoy. Cheers!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

No Game Without Terrain, Ep 2: Altar of Khaine

In this episode Vanja talks about some general guidelines on an Altar of Khaine and how you can use it in your Warhammer games. Enjoy!
 to buy Altar of Khaine: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250744294248&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT

Our online store: http://stores.ebay.com/Dreams-of-War

Monday, 20 December 2010

Bretonnia VS Dark Elves

Hey, here is another battle report with some of my studio scenery. Enjoy in this great battle!

OnceBitten360's terrain review

Hello, OnceBitten360 made this wonderful review on the pieces of scenery that he bought few months earlier, so please, enjoy...

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Dreamspirit's World of Battles

Hello dreamwarriors, I have decided to open a new label-Dreamspirit's World of Battles. My studio is making great progress, I have a lot of commissions and sales now, and am very pleased to see that players worldwide are very satisfied with the pieces purchased from Dreamspirit Wargaming Terrain&Miniatures Studio. Under this label you can find battle reports, pictures, and reviews of my commissions, so you can see how all these pieces look on other peoples battlefields. Also, I would like to thank to my client that many of you now as OnceBitten360, for permission to use his amazing battle reports on my blog. Cheers, Chad!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Undead Centaurs

It's been months from my last writing on forums about Undead Centaurs that I converted and painted. Then, they were already finished, but I had much work on my other projects, so I placed them aside, and now finally they came on the table: heavily converted, painted and ready to go. These will be on Ebay soon, but for now enjoy in the pictures. Cheers!

Fantasy Forest improved!!!

Hey guys, remember fantasy forest that I made earlier? Recently I had another commission, basically for the same piece, just to be with a little more cover. So, this is what I came up with: Dark Elf forest with a lot of runestones, bushes and shrub, all scatter so every time you go for a game you can arrange it differently. Everything else was the same as before, but those touches really made the whole piece to stand out more. Enjoy in the pictures :)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Floating stones of Pandora

Hey there, I wanted to show you our new item that we made using Avatar the movie as a inspiration: Floating Stones of Pandora. It is imagined to represent Elven Waystones in WHB, but we tried it in a game of Hordes and it works like a charm ;). If you want one (cause one is all there is at this moment) you can buy it HERE or you can contact Milos at dreamspirit.wargaming@gmail.com   in the case you want something different with the same feel of Alien worlds. That's it for now, enjoy the pictures, and see you soon! 


No Game Without Terrain series, Episode 1, Idol of Gork

Hello there, Dreamwarriors, we are proud to announce that we are starting with the new video series called No Game Without Terrain, and for the first episode we decided to show you how Idol of Gork works in a Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Cheers! :)

Friday, 12 November 2010

Warhammer 8th edition watchtower

Hello, here is one very cool watchtower that I made for 8th edition and scenario called, guess what: "Watchtower", but this piece can be used absolutely for any kind of 25-28 mm Fantasy game system. If you like, you can buy it here .Cheers!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Warhammer 8th edition Altar of Khaine

So, at last I've finished this piece. This terrain was waiting more than two months half-ready, but due to all the commission work that I was doing, it just had to wait. Until now. Ladies and gentleman, I present you Altar of Khaine, thingie that makes your units go CRAZY! Enjoy:)