Friday, 4 March 2011

High Elf Set @76$US

Ok, so this is the High Elf Set that we made, this one has some changes and improvements than one we did at the beginning. The set consists of the following elements: 

2 hills, the small one and the large one, 
High Elf Gate, 
High Elf Temple, 
Mystical Monuments, 

you can order each of these pieces at the following prices: 

Small hill:6.95$US
Large Hill: 9.95$US
Mystical Monuments: 17.95 $US 
High Elf gate: 22.95 $US
High Elf Temple: 26.95 $US

and the whole set is more than 10% cheaper, i.e. you get it for 76 $US, which is quite a deal for a set this big. Now, enjoy the pics ;) 

                                                  The entire High Elf Set 


                                                             High Elf Temple 

                                                               High Elf Gate 

                                                         Mystical Monuments 

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Brawler Bash Tournament, part two

Guys, these are some of the pictures from the second part of the commission for the Brawler Bash, seat back, relax and enjoy, and I will post video as soon as we finish it up! Cheers

Brawler Bash Tournament, part one

Hey everyone, we've recently booked our largest project so far, and it is the Brawler Bash Tournament! Everything you need to know about this event is HERE :

And here is our video update on the first part of the commission: