Saturday, 17 September 2011

Tribal Stone houses

           I am very satisfied with the look of these houses, especially grouped together, so it would definitely be my suggestion if you are looking to create small village, start here. These are currently on promotion, and are dirt cheap, just visit this link to see for  your self:

My main inspiration for the buildings were Mr's Pat Otha's Trollkin Houses. 

Modular Ruins set

           Hey guys, here is a short review of the latest terrain set that we released: modular ruins. You can achieve more than 50 different combinations with this set, I am going to make a video very soon showing just few of the options. I am very satisfied with the set, painting turned great, lots of details, and it is currently on the promotion in our new Store-Dreamspirit's Terrain&Miniatures. Enjoy the pics, and stay tuned for the video review of the set.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Studio announcement: NEW STORE LAUNCH!!!!

Hello all, we are proud to announce new launching of our new online store Dreamspirit's Terrain and Miniatures! We are currently running the promotion of the store up until 31st of October, and for that period of time you will have some amazing offers and discounts to bring your battlefield to life. Most of our discounts are the best we had yet(up to 50%!!!) and are really great opportunity for all who care about the epic factor of the game, and for those who like to play with good looking and functional terrain. Also in the next few days, we'll release some of the miniatures that were painted by artists from the Dreamspirit Wargames Studio, and we are also open to commission work-whether painting miniatures or making terrain for you. These are just some of the items we currently have on listing, we'll update store regularly with more new and exciting stuff. Here's the link, treat yourself with something nice ;)


These round ''trollkin like'' houses are very cheap and cool if you want to start the village, and one of these goes as low as 14$US! Larger ones are 16$US

Fantastic set of ruins with more than 50 combinations, 80$US

And the most epic of all BRIDGE OF VICTORY, we saved it for this occasion, auction type listing with starting bid of 99$US.