Welcome to our Ordering information page. Everything you see here can be duplicated or made with the adjustments that you want your terrain piece to have. If you want something that you don't see on the pictures, just email us and we can make the terrain of your dreams. You can also make a direct order, and for large sales, we have some...well deals from the Dreams ;)

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One storey house 34.95 $US 
Two storey house 48.95$US

Fantasy Fiefdoms are available as commission work also, 
so if you have a picture or a concept art, send us and we'll make it!

                                                        Altar Of Khaine: 29.95$US

                                                Warhammer Watchtower: 34.95 $US

                                               Flying Mountains of Pandora: 18.95 $US

                                                 Fantasy Summer Forest: 56.95 $US

                                                   Steampunk Factory : 65 $US
                                                       magnetized pieces!!!

                                                       Fantasy Pine Forest: 27.95 $US
Note that variety of designs are available, 
and we can make miracles from these terrain pieces

Eagle Tower: 63.95 $US

                                                             Ruined Factory: 29.95 $US

                                             Ruined Industrial Complex: 85.95$US

             removable parts, lots of detailed pieces, old school stuff!!!

                                                    Elven Waystone: 18.95 $US

                                                       Our current bestseller!!!

                                                  Temple of Skulls : 35.95$US

                                                            Scree Slope: 22.95 $US

                                                          Charnel Pit: 19.95$US

                                                    Sorcerous Portal: 29.95 $US

                                                              Idol of Gork: 16.95 $US

                                                             Bane Stone: 19.95 $US

                                                         Anvil of Vaul: 15.95 $US