Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Winter board commission

Alright, the next board that we built for the GameShire is winter board with 9 terrain pieces. Our original commission was for 6 terrains, and I included three extra terrains as a gift. This is not individual case, I often send more terrain pieces as a gift. Some kind of custom this became, and my clients like it!

So enjoy, and of course, if you want something like this, contact me HERE

Video review of the board you can find HERE

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fantasy landscape board commissioned

Okay, here is the part two of the series about GameShire commission. This board is 6'x4' and it is mainly designed for Warhammer and Warmachine game systems. The board is modular and has road and the river embed into it. It also features a very cool windmill that actually works, but in order to see that for your self, you'll have to watch video review of this board HERE 

If you are interested in obtaining something from this board, or the entire board with all of the terrain pieces, it can be duplicated and I'll give you a fair price for it. Just contact me HERE.

Enjoy the pics guys and don't forget to subscribe ;)


Chaos Wasteland board for Warhammer

Hello all, I am proud to present you this outstanding board made for Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. We got commissioned by the new gaming store GameShire, located in Everett, for 5 gaming boards full with terrain. This is first post in those series. If you need something similar for your battlefield, or your gaming club you can contact me HERE .

Note that all of these terrain pieces can be commissioned separately.

You can view the video review of the board HERE  . Enjoy!