Thursday, 8 December 2011

New terrain for Warhammer part II

Alright folks, here's part II of the post as promised. Now I can't wait to make battle reports on these pieces, both for Warhammer and Warmachine. By the way these pieces are for sale, and you can find them HERE if you are interested to claim some for your battlefield.

This first terrain I call Sacred Ground, and can be used for various types of scenery from the terrain chart in Warhammer rulebook. Some examples are Magic Circle and Arcane Ruins.Plenty of room for placing miniatures, yet a lot of character in this terrain piece.

Next terrain, Arcane Circles, again perfect for Arcane Ruins, but work well as a regular hill, Magic Circle, Bane Stone and Wyrding well. So really multifunctional terrain with a very cool atmosphere. Also, standing stones are removable, and you can place your miniatures on almost entire terrain piece.

Another one:

Okay guys I hope you enjoyed these, I've got more stuff already prepared and for sale, so stay tuned for part III.


New terrain for Warhammer!

Hey guys, new items just hit the shelves of our Ebay store and I'm quite satisfied with them if I may say so. Very useful stuff that can be used for many different things from the terrain chart, and if you are Warmachine&Hordes player, you'll find something useful too. So check out these beauties, and more cool stuff is on it's way, should be prepared in the next two days. Best regards,


So first of the terrain pieces, ''Sinister Statue'' partially inspired by Skyrim, one of my favs in this collection.

Then some cool ''Charnel Pits'', quite atmospheric

more showcasing in the next post, so stay tuned!