Friday, 7 October 2011

Modular Ruins terrain set

Hey I haven't had a chance to play on these just yet, but I will definitely make a battle report once I do. Extremely modular, with more than 55 combinations, and you all know what that means: hours and hours of gaming with this set without ever getting bored. Price of the set is 80$US, if you like it,you can order it here:


Tribal huts

Hey, here is the latest video from the Dreamspirit Wargames, featuring Tribal Huts, very similar to Trollkin Huts with some minor alterations, if you are looking a way to create village for your games, this is a great start, enjoy the video!


Graveyard of the Ancients commission project

Hello all, it's been a while, here is what we've been up to lately. This is commission set for one of our clients, made for Lustrian environment, but can be used without problem for Hordes as well as 40k games. Some pictures will follow soon, enjoy!