Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wood Elf waystones

Another commission we recently finished, Elven Waystones, for the Wood Elf Army. Lovely pieces, I'm really satisfied how they turned out, since I play with Wood Elves as well, I might do something similar for myself too. More pictures you can find HERE


Dwarf Stronghold army display

Hello good people, I am proud to present you one of the most epic pieces we built to date, the Dwarf Stronghold army display. We received a request from our client to build a display for his dwarf army, suitable for  his shelf, so first of all we made a concept art:

and when the client gave the green light, we made the actual piece. We had to alter couple of things to gain on space (this is a huuuge Dwarf army) but in the end, I am more than satisfied with the final result. Enjoy!

A letter from a client

Hey everyone, one of our regular clients sent me an email with his battlefield made out of Dreamspirit Wargaming Studio terrain. I am so happy when people that we made terrain for send us pictures of their battlefields with our terrain. It feels good and I'd like to share this one with you, and to thank my client for taking the time to make pictures. It means the whole world, thank you very much. Take care all , and enjoy your games!