Saturday, 9 April 2011

South War

                The war started soon after the start of the Wingulmarken campaign. Fist to make their move after ten years of peace were the Cygnar troupes led by Lord Commander Stryker. Recalled from the Wingulmarken, Orsus Zoktavir was the one chosen to bring pain upon the southern enemy. Two armies clashed near the Breglar’s Farm, from which people fled a few days ago. Orsus Zoktavir has been known across the Motherland to be destructive as hell, and mission to defend something was unacceptable for him. Instead, he let the Cygnarians cross the border, enter the territory of the Motherland, and then attacked them from where they came from. Trap was well prepared, his troupes fresh and ready for battle, and Cygnarians had little time to prepare and face them.

                           Red tide was fast on the battlefield. Man-o-war Drakhun was running on the left side and merciless Yuri the Axe on the right side. In the centre, near the Breglar’s farmhouse, were the toughest of the Kadoran army – Man-o-war Shocktrooopers, Man-o-War Demolition corps, Spriggan, Kodiak and Butcher himself with his loyal war dog. Cygnar army was slow. They were waiting to catch some breath before the killing begins. Stryker was brining a devastating force, and Butcher knew that if he makes one mistake, even though he had the advantage of surprise, Stryker can pull through.

A few shots on both side and Khador slowing down were signs that the fight is going to begin soon. Cygnarians were still standing and shooting with their lightning swords and everything was ready for the first wave of the Red army.

                      On the left flank, Shocktroopers charged one of Stryker’s Stormclads and a unit of Storm blades, along with Man-o-war Drakhun. Five of Storm blades fell to the hits of Khador’s finest, and still some of them managed to hit the Stormclad. In the centre of the field, furious Spriggan perced the other Stormclad’s hull with his heavy lance, but the metal titan was still operational. Over to the far right of the battlefield, Yuri the axe was still standing in the woods, preparing inflict critical damage to the enemy.
Cygnarians were hurt, but still far away from defeat. Wrath of the storm was ready to crush upon the Red army. Cygnar’s retribution was swift. The Stormclad and Storm baldes united their strengths against the heaviest of Khador’s troupes. The Shocktroopers were eradicated quickly and as the Thunder ripped the sky they pushed even further, almost killing the Drakhuns horse. Stryker let his ‘jacks do the job, and hits from ‘Ol Rowdy and Stormclad reduced Butcher’s Spriggan to scrap. Thigs were not looking so good for the Motherland’s chosen.

                                Khador army succumbed to Butcher’s bloodlust. The field of battle became a bloody mess to the core. Butchers eyes were filled with blood, his soul obsessed with killing and his muscles powered by hate. In just a few strikes he smashed ‘Ol Rowdy. Yuri the Axe ran out of the wood and with one swing cut of the heads of five Storm blades. Empowered with the enormous amount of rage, Demolition corpse reduced the Stormclad to small shards of ice. There were only two ‘jacks on the battlefield and Kodiak was the first one to attack. Constantly repaired Stormclad survived. It was not looking good for Stryker. He could now count on 3 Storm blades, himself and a half wrecked Stormclad.

                   There was no more time for Stryker to wait. He could either try to kill the Butcher busy smacking the remains of his Rowdy, or he could run away. Stryker flashed in blue light, overloading himself with electricity. He moved lightning-fast towards Butcher. The electrical charge flashing from Quicksilver struck Butcher over the shoulder. That was a hit no mortal man can survive. Butcher yelled from pain, fall to his knee, but he was still alive! In no time, there came the second attack from bloodied Stryker but his sword passed just over Butchers head. Stryker couldn’t believe his own eyes. The only thing he could see were the enraged eyes of the Khadoran warcaster. With the mere edge of his mind, Stryker was able to bring the Stormclad as his only hope of defeating this monster. With one precise swing, Stormclad was able to knock Butcher unconscious