Friday, 20 April 2012

Modular river set, modular ruins set and more

Hey all, here is one of the latest commissions that we built, lots of cool terrain for skirmishes as well as for large scale battles, so enjoy, I'll also post a video update here, so if you want to see these in HD, scroll down the page.


          Modular river set, contains waterfall, three curved sections, and four straight sections, and the price for the entire set is 99.95 $US

            Illuminated Sacred Ground, terrain wired up with LED's all of the Gemstones light up, providing the battlefield with a truly mystical appearance. Price for this terrain is 39.95 $US

           Modular ruins set, contains 5 ruins that can be combined to create different structures on the battlefield, or can be scattered across the entire board. Very useful for skirmishes. Price for this set is 80 $US.

                                                        Group shot of all five ruins

And here is the video of the entire commission, so kick back, relax and enjoy the showcase ;)