Friday, 4 March 2011

High Elf Set @76$US

Ok, so this is the High Elf Set that we made, this one has some changes and improvements than one we did at the beginning. The set consists of the following elements: 

2 hills, the small one and the large one, 
High Elf Gate, 
High Elf Temple, 
Mystical Monuments, 

you can order each of these pieces at the following prices: 

Small hill:6.95$US
Large Hill: 9.95$US
Mystical Monuments: 17.95 $US 
High Elf gate: 22.95 $US
High Elf Temple: 26.95 $US

and the whole set is more than 10% cheaper, i.e. you get it for 76 $US, which is quite a deal for a set this big. Now, enjoy the pics ;) 

                                                  The entire High Elf Set 


                                                             High Elf Temple 

                                                               High Elf Gate 

                                                         Mystical Monuments 

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