Tuesday, 24 January 2012

More new releases perfect for Warhammer!

We started out 2012 with some reinforcements, our studio now has 5 artists that are working with me on the terrains and miniatures, and the result is almost immediate! I am quite happy with the crew and all the new ideas that they are bringing to the studio. So check out some of the cool stuff that we released, and if you feel the urge to buy something...go HERE ;)



Ghost Pit, powered by LED

Some new Chaos Monoliths, with the evil eye modeled  on it,

Now here is the real jewel of this collection, High Elf temple high up in the mountains, just amazing if I may say so ;)

Some of these pieces are currently available for direct order only, click here to contact me. Other terrain you can buy here: http://stores.ebay.com/Dreamspirits-Terrain-and-Miniatures
Thanks for tuning in folks, come back soon, we'll have more to showcase.


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