Saturday, 2 April 2011

Autumn Fantasy Forest @ 78.95 $US

Yup, you know it, one of the favorite themes from my studio: forests. This one is magnetized, at least the parts with woods on them. The stoned mushrooms (stoned mushrooms, he he) are not magnetized and you can use them as completely separate piece of the terrain (if you are a WH player and you roll on the forest chart Fungi Forest). I actually find this type of forests extremely good for wargaming,because:

a) these forests look so cool on the battlefield
b)they completely block the line of sight all the way
c)pieces are removable, and you can place your minis without a slightest bit of a trouble
d) it is mounted on the MDF board and it's extra durable
e) a piece like this really makes you happy while wargaming ;)

So, I really hope that I will grab some time and make a batrep with this piece in action before we sell it. But for now enjoy in the pics, cheers!

                                Legolas painted by Pepa, our studio artist

                                 My favorite Pathfinder :)

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